An essential must-have in most of our closets is a few great quality tees’. I can’t imagine who would disagree with the good feeling one can get when adding a unique wardrobe staple to our collection. Well, maybe Queen Elizabeth may not know the riches of a great quality tee, but most of us non-royals get excited and appreciate the personality and versatility they add to our style choices.

So what’s in a high-quality tee that makes them so great?  Ultimately, it’s the appeal to the wearer, but selecting a quality tee is all about the details – the construction, cut and fit.

A good quality T-shirt is determined by the construction AKA knitting.  A close knit shirt will be crafted with small round loops in the weave that allows the garment to return to the normal shape after washing.  Larger and wider loops will expand after every wash which contributes to the loss of shape and eventually creates a shift in the seams completely.

Let’s take these designer tees for example; one from Religion ($100) and the other is a Mua Mua Coco Chanel tee ($195) although different they have something in common – Viscose fabric.   Basically, Viscose (as its’ known in Europe) and what we call Rayon here in the U.S. is created from a combination of natural and man-made mechanism that gives the tees longevity.  In addition, Viscose has the breathability of cotton with a silky feel.  Because, Viscose is so versatile it can be constructed to take after various other fabrics such as wool, linen and numerous silks to name a few and definitely helps make a difference in clothing and the price-point when manufacturers use it.


Likewise, the cut and fit is just as significant to the construction which is why reading the label is so important.  The goal is to avoid shrinkage so pay attention to the details. If the label does not guarantee against shrinkage; or if the label notes shrinkage is not less than 2% then buy a larger size. This will ensure the fit after washing will work best with your body type.

If you choose to invest in a few fabulous t-shirts step back before making the purchase and calculate the C.P.W. (cost per wear) to ensure it makes sense for your budget. Nothing is worse than impulse buying and guilt later – I’m sure many of us have been there.

And, finally always personalize your statement tee outfit with the proper accessories and handbags that speak to your style. Creating a great outfit is not determined by the amount of money you spend. It’s about having a great eye to pair inexpensive pieces with high quality ones that will communicate your style well.

For example, combining a great tee with a dark jean can easily create a downtown easy vibe that does not have to cost a lot; and if you want to go a little further combine a high-end tee with a classic or vintage piece; pop a color that will give it an urban chic metropolitan effortless touch.


Likewise, personalizing a combination is very fashion forward and adds depth to your arsenal of signature looks to mix-and-match. Whatever your price-point an inexpensive tee can be great when pairing with jeans, jersey skirts or leggings with boots, booties or flats and blazers or boyfriend sweaters help create a great street style look.  This is an easy breezy style that’s fun and doable without too much effort.


So rock a tee that speaks to your personality, pay attention to the care details when purchasing so you will reap the benefits to the fullest when making an investment on a high quality tee.  Read the label to ensure you know how to care for the item and enjoy making a statement in your sequined, phased fashion or political declaration do-da; have fun; and as always wear it well!


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