It takes too long.

It’s boring.

I want to keep everything.

It’s sentimental.


It never fails… Every time you set aside the time to clean your closet, it doesn’t actually get cleaned. You fail miserably, only being able to set aside a few pieces that you can find it in your heart to part ways with. You can give these precious items away. You could NEVER throw them away – my God, No! So many of our clothing items become so special to us and we may not realize it until it goes missing or it’s time to clean out the closet. Oh, that doesn’t happen to you? You’re not a hoarder? You don’t have a nostalgic connection to anything in your closet? Well, lucky you! I, on the other hand, only find it easy to part ways with old underwear.

Photo: Sergio Valente Jeans via Pinterest

Nostalgia: My First ‘Skinny’ Jeans

I think back to when I was a pre-teen (and into my teenage years) and I started to become more self-conscious about my body type, shape, and size, and even color or my shade of ‘black girl’. Growing up, I remember “stretch jeans” – now skinny jeans – were the thing. Every girl beginning from middle school on up had at least one pair of the following: Princess Jeans, Sergio Valente Jeans, Milan Jeans, and/or Parasuco Jeans. I couldn’t be left out of this trend, – like Nah, Ma.  Just as most modest and protective moms were, mine didn’t want me flaunting the silhouette of my blooming lady blossoms for the world – and especially young boys – to see. Naturally, I didn’t agree. I felt I was mature, modest, and virtuous enough to not be banned from this jean movement. So, at the perfect age of 13 or so, I broke my piggy bank. It was imperative that I owned a pair of these stretch jeans.

With my $200+ in rolled coins that I cracked out my piggy, I smiled all the way to the bank to exchange my coins for bills. Then, I smiled out the bank and all the way to the mall. *insert cheesy face emoji here*

As the proudest little ‘baller‘ that  I thought I was, I headed to the infamous “New York Fashions” and excitedly searched for the perfect pairs of stretch jeans. They had to exude my personality and of course be trendy. They had to be fitting and not loose; demanding attention, but in good taste, and ultimately – game-changers. Who knew so much went into a pair of jeans?… Given I used my own hard-earned savings, I was proud of my first pairs of stretch jeans. Trust me when I say, they got ALL the attention they deserved, and then some.

Cash money records were “…taking over for the ’99 and 2000” with the infamous song “Back That Azz Up“. This was a theme that trickled into my teen stretch-jean-craze and all the basement party playlists. Needless to say, my jeans were “in there like swimwear”. I remember the days of parties in the dark and jean stains on the wall. I think many of us can relate; we were more worried about the fraying jeans than the marks we left on the walls.  I outdid myself by finding the ultimate pair that would never leave a blue stain: A red satin pair of Milan Italy jeans with the matching red satin jacket. Boy was I such a bamma, but if I could bring back Parasuco Jeans… Now, we might be on to something.

My point is just this: The past is the past sunshine.

Photo: Vintage Parasuco denim vest

Holes Go

Jeans Stay

Vintage Hello

Nostalgic Slay

Size, shape, and style change over time. So as the cliche says, “Out with the old. In with the new“. And while we can all potentially wander back down memory lane, it’s best to make a right (or left) turn at the Goodwill store.  It’s time to plant new seeds of style in that closet and move on to the next phase of a fabulous you. Don’t let your inability to get rid of some old items stunt your style. Or, anything else for that matter.

Style starts from within. Growth happens from within. If you’re not willing to let go of old moments and instead spend all your time living in the past lane, you’re only blocking your future style blessings and limiting your speed limit on the fashion highway. The world is changing, Sunshine and it needs your little light of style. Furthermore, that whole “fake it ’til you make it” thing is not cute. We’re maturing. The wardrobe must do the same.

Update that Nostalgia. At the end of the day, we get it. Just like my affinity for Parasuco, There are some brands you love. There are some styles that you know are far from “in” but you just want to wear one more time. While I wouldn’t suggest throwing on that popcorn textured shirt (I haven’t seen that trend make a comeback just yet), I can certainly give you the “OK” to keep some of the threads you love. Find new ways to wear old items like jean jackets and overalls.

E V E R Y T H I N G   E L S E   M U S T   G O !

Having statement pieces are more of an asset to your closet than the items that have been lingering for years that you only wear quarterly. Scaling back on your wardrobe is a good first start. On the other hand, maybe you still have a closet full of pieces that you just don’t style, but you know it can be done. If you need help with your closet, start with Kamisol Style Consultancy. These days it’s easy to get on track with your own personal style with a quick style consultation.








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