Bohemian style lovers have a a kinda sexy-quirky-downtown-appeal that speaks to their lifestyle.

Image – Gypsy Dream

They love community and the environment and they generally disregards the standards and uniformity of dress – she is unique and has a nomadic, spirited type of flow with a non-bourgeois type of vibe.

Image: GhettoEmperor

The boho chic style is a true alternative from main stream culture yet so attractive and welcoming in nearly any environment of today.

Image: Stella Jean RTW

Arm candy for days with the perfect elements that encompass the nature and the natural.  These ladies usually choose stones and various metals over diamonds and rubies…

Image: Stylish Wife

Fringe, patch work and even second time around items will catch their eye.


Image Stylish Wife

Maxi-dresses and flowing outerwear all speaks of personal style and less restrictive go-to chices.

Finally the boho-chic girl is approachable and welcoming to others.

Before I go, do you know your Alter Ego Style – if not connect with us at Kamisol Style to schedule a consultation.




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