Some people classify traditional style as safe, boring or bland in many ways.  However, on the contrary, my darling, classic style speaks of timeless and flattering flair.

Cuts are simple and understated yet polished.

Those who lean towards traditional ensembles value quality and longevity over the next hottest items displayed in the windows of our favorite trendy stores.

Classic White Button Down (Image Pinterest)

Do not try to take away a Classics crisp white shirts they are staples and dominate style choice because of the natural smart flair they exude. Classics have a few white button downs, but you can bet they all serve a different feel, purpose, and tone.

Classic Style Types fill their wardrobes with neutrals and they lean to expand their options by adding pops colors with their shoes, handbags or tops to fill in the blanks.  Their normal colors of choice range from orange, red, green or Indian teal.

(Image Pinterest)

Accessorizing becomes easy and seamless as well.  Classics will rock understated pearls and necklaces because they quality over quantity.

White Button Down
Image: Pinterest

If you have not mastered your classic style give us a call for a consultation Kamisol Style to help you with your everyday glow and talk about your alter- ego style, yes we all have one, but have you tapped into how to achieve both.






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